Monday, May 01, 2006


do i really need to say any more? why is it monday's , no matter what your position or job in life may be, are always sucky? ( i think i may have spent too much time with the kids this weekend)

i overslept by a mere 10 minutes and am still suffering the aftershocks. my youngest had an unfortunate accident last night, which meant all 3 boys needed showers this am. i had 4 trucks sitting along the east coast waiting for paperwork to be faxed so they could get unloaded early and get back to hubby to get loaded today. so of course the fax machine decides to be finicky. after 20 minutes of playing with that, while fielding questions about breakfast, and listening to darling hubby tell me no less than 15 times it was urgent that these trucks get back today (DUH i have been doing this for 15 years I know the reprecussions of a missed truck). at the same time he is wondering out loud why i didn't do this last night, um because it was 10 o'clock until you got home and gave me the lists, AND you wanted dinner AND you wanted company because you hadn't seen me all week. not to mention the fact that Big Love was on and he messed that up too.

anyway got the fax machine to work, got the most urgent lists where they needed to be, had to get the oldest up, who was in no mood for morning. as hubby is asking me why he doesn't want to get up. HOW THE HECK DO I KNOW? he's your kid, he gets it from you, why don't you go bitch at him for not wanting to wake up. all this as birds (we have 3 parrotts) are screaming because they love hubby and go nuts when they see or hear him, youngest is complaining that he does not want cereal this morning, and middle is looking for his cell phone on the one day I really need him to have it, so i can save myself some grief later today. which of course he couldn't find.

hubby leaves and then comes back in to yell that something is outside that shouldn't be, i said the oldest was supposed to put it away yesterday. he reminds me how much he spent on this (in my humble opinion) useless piece of crap, that has been collecting dust in the garage for 4 years. but did he put it where i said i wanted it? noooo, when i left with the kids it was still where it was. WTF???? i remind oldest it has to be put away after school or else. to which i receive the eyeroll. my personal fav is the sigh with the eyeroll, but more on that later. go to pick up my niece, who half way to school remebers she forgot her cleats and has a softball game today. back to get the cleats and finally to drop them off.

my sobriety is a testament to my strength.

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