Friday, May 05, 2006


thanks to my renewed love affair with sugar free red bull i am finding myself needing a little less sleep. so between that and someone leaving one of the cats in last night, who of course had to be let back out at 4:45, i found myself up a bit earlier than usual. because absolutely NOTHING was on tv i put on vh1, "we are the 80's" was on, and i realized i have been bombarded with things from the past lately. there was s how on about Metallica the other night, got an email from my brother, who attached a link to our childhood home for sale, then this morning.....sigh.

i really loved the 80's....i did. i was cool, could wear the latest styles and have them look good...knew all the songs and videos. went to all the best concerts, worked and spent all my money on magazines i actually had time to read, music and clothes. could it get any better? the 2nd to last video that i saw was Duran Duran, ok i graduated HS in if you're my age you already know where this is going :)

I still think John Taylor has got to be one of the hottest men God ever graced the earth with..mmmmmmmmm. remeber that u2 video, on the rooftop and how cool we all thought they were? now i see bono and i'm like ughh whats he gonna bitch about now. i guess just like anyone i miss the innocence that i had then and the guilt free fun. but no matter when you grew up you feel that way.

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Brewster said...

LOL My wife makes fun of me because she says I am trapped in the 80's. I listen to all of the "classics" from then. She doesn't seem to understand that it was the best time of my life. Yes, I have two beautiful daughters and a step daughter, but for the most part, I didn't have a care in the world then. After my dad passed away, reality sunk in that life will never be the same. The 90's were real rocky for me and let us say ended badly. But I am giving the 2000's a chance, but it will never be the 80's. Hang in there.