Friday, July 28, 2006

guess what?

1) it's raining, forcing myself and FOUR children to exist happily in the house and

2) i have a s**t load of work to get done, so being the procrastinator that i am, here i sit

you know i remember today how great fridays were back in the day. i have been babysitting my neighbors son this week while his normal sitter is on vaca. and even though he is a good kid, and really all i had to do was break up a couple more fights and make a little extra breakfast and lunch, it's no different for me, i am glad today is the last day. i guess i am really used to the way i do things. just the little things, like getting started a litle earlier in the morning so i could be home from the gym in time, or waiting to run a few errands until after he left. you know the ones i don't want to bring kids on? little stupid stuff, man i reallly am spoiled. but i guess i put my time in...i wonder how i ever got anything done when the kids were younger.

i have given up on my house, it's official. i quit until school. and you know what i am going to do the first day of school? sit and look at the squalor and wonder why i thought that would be a good idea. my friend was telling me she hired a cleaning lady and how much she loves it. and i realized i would be too embarassed to have someone in to clean my house. it's all about the crap. if i could just take and completely get everything done i would feel so much better. but stepping away from the computer would be the first step....

and here i sit. :)

my youngest said to me this morning..."mom?" yes i answered..."when did i start calling you mom, and stop calling you mommy?" my heart almost broke, i realized it had happened, at some point this summer he stopped demanding good night kisses and stopped calling me mommy. my baby is growing up.

ok so my plan is, today is shot...tommorrow...WORK. i have to get this stuff done, baby watch is on high these days. SIL is due on the 5th, and i will need lots of time to go visit. i really wish i lived closer. ok well i am going to break up my last fight ..send prayers and happy thoughts as we wait for baby.

can you feel it?

there is a buzz in the air. a spring in my step. a song in my heart:

Hail to the Rdeskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the warpath
Fight for ol DC

wooweeee football season is getting so close. i can feel my blood pumping and my heart racing. i can already feel my foot heavy on the accelerator, as i race home from one of the boys very poorly timed Sunday games to catch the 'Skins. actually to catch any good game (ie: Giants lose). last night NFL network had reviews of all the teams last season, and i "just happened" to catch em. i cannot wait. i am so stoked for it to begin again hurts.

besides with a good chunk of the bloggers i read at BlogHer...i got nothing else to think about.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

warm cheese

it has been a very interesting week, to say the least. over the weekend my fridge died. just the the fridge. the freezer part works fine. looking back on it i guess it had been going for a while. i kept noticing things weren't as cold as they should be, but i was thinking it was just the scorching heat. then i turned the freezer temp down a bit, thinking maybe i was asking too much for max cold from each. then on Sat i was making a wrap and the cheese was definitely NOT cold, nor was anything else. so i had the boys move everything down to the fridge we have in the garage and complained to hub.

now i am thankful that i had the fridge in the garage, don't get me wrong. but after running up and down stairs for a day, every time i needed something, was a little tiresome. 36 hours into the no fridge disaster of '06, my dear darling hub" remebers" he has a mini fridge in his car trailer. translation: he didn't want me to know he had spent even more money on this ridiculous car hobby of his so that he wouldn't have to walk his sorry butt to concession for a cold beverage, but it beats hearing me bitch about running up and down stairs all day.

in came the mini fridge. which was a blessing, big enough for drinks, and butter and fruit. then came the fridge guy, who told me for $250 he could have my fridge working like new. $250??!! two fiddy. for $350 i could go buy the same piece of crap i already own, brandy new.

so what did i decide? the only reasonable answer....i bought the one i want... the one with two top doors that open out and freezer on bottom. (posting a pic or link today is not possible i see) hopefully there will be no construction, err demolition i guess i should say, in order to fit it into my tiny fridge spot in my tiny kitchen. but if it's too big, at least it will match the tv.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

summer part 2

ok, now i know i just posted last week or so how nice i find summer to be. and i know in may i said i was ready for summer to begin. there are alot of things about summer and the kids being out of school i really enjoy. my sister and hub both reminded me of similar conversations i had separately with each of them back in may. something along the lines of me saying, "man i am ready for summer, i actually am looking forward to the kids being out of school". after i stated this they each said something like "uhhuh, and should i remind you of this in july when you are saying you can't wait for school to start".

there are alot of things about motherhood that we are forced to forget quickly, it is kind of like a survival mechanism. you know how babies can't remeber being born because it is so traumatic. same idea, we forget the heartburn and morning sickness. we quickly shut out the excruciating pain of labor. we recall newborn days as bliss, when in reality we were exhausted, sore and would most likely, if given the option, sell our soul to the devil for just 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. we forget these things, so that life can proceed. and then there is summer vacation.

i am beginning to feel like i live in a dorm. no matter how much time and energy i put into my house before i go to bed, by 7 am it looks like we hosted a 48 hour kegger. how can so much damage be done in the few hours between my bed time and when they finally go to sleep? the mess is beginning to overpower and i am starting to weaken. by the time the oldest starts 3 a days (YES!!!!! gone all day!) my house will look like those apartments in the student ghetto on may 15th.

this morning i woke up to a half gallon ice cream container, not quite empty, 3 spoons and 189845765234 ants on my kitchen counter, 10 coke cans empty laying scattered around the living room, empty chip and pretzel bags, and it seems someone ordered pizza. ok, i didn't know we could get pizza delivered after 11pm, i guess when your frined is driving that night you can. oh and he'll run to mc d's with you, so there was some mc d garbage scattered. also we have the 354 dvd's left out and an equal number of video games, and the x box and playstation. did you know you could hook both up and play with picture in picture? you can. and then there is the laundry, my sons will never be called modest. they will drop their pants anywhere. and socks?!!?? the oldest yells he has no socks, then i look under the amount of pleading/screaming can get them to clean up, i surrender.

then there is the thrill of constant companionship, there is someone around me every blessed second. these people are up half the night trashing my house and ready to go by 8 am. yes the same people that can't make it when school is in session on 12 hours of sleep a night, need less than 3 it seems, in the summer. there they are, can you make breakfast? yeah as soon as i scrape the pizza crust from the ceiling. i pulled the cushions from the couch this morning to fluff them a bit. big mistake, someone flipped them in the last couple of days, seems there must have been something brown spilled. and i found that pack of big league chew middle guy claimed youngest stole.

remind me of this next may...and send me a list of all summer sleep away camps...PLEASE!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

another milestone

it seems my life has been coming back to the same thing over and over again lately. grocery shopping and food. i made some life altering changes last week, it was hard and it took a long time in coming, but i am quitting WalMart. No, i don't work there, i am quitting it as my main source of shopping. our time together was sweet, and i will continue to visit, but i have no idea why i was so faithful to this point.

then i read a post from Jenny at (i tried to link to the post but alas my stupidity is on high today). part of her post deals with the aggrivation of shopping with children. (but it goes way deeper and it is a great post) i read the post laughing, as usual, and then i read the comments. and some were saying how they felt bad for snapping at their kids while shopping...but you know what? shopping with your kids does suck, it really does. and i can say that freely, because i have not had to do it for like 3 years now. and i LOVE it, i love to see some woman struggling with a toddler throwing a tantrum, or a baby who is screaming because even though he ate right before they left he is hungry AGAIN. how can i be so cruel? these were the same women who looked at me like i was the worst mother in the world 10 years ago. they looked down their perfectly put together faces and tsked at my cruelty and unwashed hair. HAH! now i am the one casually strolling the aisles, showered and dressed in fresh clothes, running in for just a couple things...why? because i can.

so anyway, this is why i decided to quit walmart. when my kids were small it was really the only sensible option. the other stores around here are very small, and don't carry a huge selection but i don't need one stop everything can get done shopping anymore. i can visit several stores, should i choose. there is noone to fight with to get into a car seat, no one begging for candy at every check out, no thrashing to be released from the cart, and no one who needs to own every piece of crap they see, and will not rest until it is in the cart (provided hub stays home). i went to the smaller store and it was quiet and peaceful. ahhhh. now i see how the other half lives. and i'm crashing the party.

Friday, July 21, 2006


because we had, what else, a baseball game time of 4:30 today, i decided to make dinner for lunch . that way i wouldn't feel like the kids were only eating crap all day. so i cooked a big hot lunch, fried chicken, mac and cheese and fresh green beans (yum). seems like kind of a good idea, right? not if you are one of my kids.

ok actually middle guy loved it, but it was his favorite foods. oldest couldn't possibly be expected to eat that much food in the middle of the afternoon. this from someone i watched eat 12 chili cheese dogs one day between lunch and dinner. then there was my youngest. first of all his face when i told him what we were having was just too much. i need video on that kid 24/7, his facial expressions are enough to keep us all entertained forever. you would have thought i announced we were having garbage, with a side of cat instead of the usual pb &j.

then it started...."i only like my chicken off the bone"...i know i'll cut it up for you

"ok but don't get any of that brown stuff (the skin) on it, you know i hate that"

"can i just have a pear?"

"is it the macaroni and cheese i like? you know the straight ones"

"you know i only like the straight ones"

"GREEN BEANS??!!! i hate green beans"

"what if have a pear with my chicken"

"what if the macaroni was the straight ones and green, then could you tell if i ate my green beans?"

as the meal is winding down, and of course the youngest is the only one with food on his plate...

"i need to go to the bathroom" no "but it's BAD" i am sure you can finish first

"ok but do i have to eat my green beans?" yes eat a couple

"ok but i am choosing 2 as a couple"

"can i take the bean part out and eat it?"

"ok i am just gonna eat 2 at once, cause then i'll have to taste it less"

Amen....lunch is done...protein and vitamins dished 1 kids 0. but who calls in the middle of the base ball game? mr. "i can't be expected to eat so much", "mom? can you stop and get me something to eat on the way home?"


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

bats in the belfry

ewww there was a bat in the house last night. thank God i wasn't home when it actually entered, but i got to witness the departure. yuck, i am hardly a girly girl, i chase any number of critters out of my house each summer. it happens, i live in the country and i have cats. they love to bring still alive gifts home, and some not still alive.

but bats and snakes, uh way. when i was young i had a bat fly right into my face, then get stuck in my hair...imagine why i don't care to even see the things. apparantly my oldest and hub also have a "thing" about bats because the scene i entered upon will never be considered manly.

now noone is exactly sure how said bat entered, i would wager on it entering through the front door. based on the fact that NO ONE EVER SHUTS A DOOR around here. ever. it drives me "batty" (hehe). so i was visiting my friends new house, get into the car to go and find 7 missed calls on my cell phone.. all from oldest cell phone. i call him, whats wrong?

"there's a bat in the house"


"on the fireplace"

"did you tell your dad?"


"why not?"

"he's downstairs and i don't want to walk by the bat...can you call him?"

"OH MY GOD. walk down the stairs and get your dad. i'll be home in 15 minutes"
(of course he could have just called the house on his cell phone..but that would have made sense)

upon my return i find the oldest standing in front of the fireplace with his paintball gun, and my hub standing next to him with a big beach towel. and every door and window wide open. the original plan was to attempt to shoo it out, but from what i gathered neither of them wanted to be the shooer. when they realized the bat wasn't going to find his way back out, they decided to do something more agressive. i guess the thought was the paintball would stun the bat and the towel would cover it when it fell dazed to the ground. i guess it worked, i was hiding in my car . i heard the pintball gun shoot and yelled in the window. but alll i heard was them fighting over who was picking it up and putting it outside. first we thought it was dead, but it flew away after a few minutes. so if you see an orange know where he came from.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


it's evening, after a long hot July day. dinner is done, dishes are finished and the house is hot. i am sitting on the deck, in the shade reading. there is nowhere else to be, no homework or practice, no bed time. the kids are playing, anything. football, baseball, fixing bikes and dirtbikes. running back and forth between our house and the neighbors, and jumping in the neighbors pool when they get hot. it's too hot to be inside. and somehow for these couple of hours they manage to get along.

another hour and the house will cool down. the kids are going fishing, i watch them walk away...3 sets of legs hanging out of shorts or swimming trunks they have had on all day. long tan backs, 3 heads with dark hair that is a little lighter than it was a month ago. i watch them head to the pond, the youngest taking a couple of running steps every once in a while to keep up. they are my boys, and i am in awe that this is the case. i start to wonder for a minute if this might be the last summer for times like this. will the oldest be too busy next year? probably. i push the thought away, and enjoy tonight.

i read my book and listen to them talking, yelling and playing. the sky gets a little darker and the air is considerably cooler. soon the light will be gone and i won't be able to read. the kids return and head inside. i watch the lightning bugs start and watch for the first stars. and listen to my boys.

when i first became a mom, i thought i would remember everything. but the big things sometimes overshadow the little. and they are forgotten. i hope none of us ever forgets how wonderful nights like this are. this is summer to me. this is what my thoughts return to in feb, when it seems like it will never be warm again. and i hope my boys will have nights like this with their sons.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


it's HOT, and I don't need to tell anyone that, because it seems most of the country is also HOT. so where did I spend my weekend? if you guessed (1) lounging under the trees in my yard, quietly reading a book, while sipping cold beverages, or(2) relaxing by the pool while the kids played, you would be so far off it wouldn't even be funny. one word...2 syllables


uh huh. there are at least a dozen things i could think of that i would rather have done this weekend, but in all honesty, what were the chances the bowels of hell would really open up and rescue me? i wasn't getting that lucky. the poor kids, it was only like 105 on the field. good thing they are young.

but hey take a look here then imagine yourself with a frosty blender drink, lounging in and by the pool, listening to the water...mmmm paradise!!! now i just need to find a donor. anyone know a billionare with a thing for married, pudgy, middle aged women?

Friday, July 14, 2006

email, horoscopes and a pot of gold

what a busy lil chicky i have been the last couple of days. i am beginning to wonder if you can have sympathy nesting urges. as my SIL to be is growing nearer to her due date, my desire to clean every freakin square inch of my house is astounding. she said she has been cleaning alot herself, so i think she's sending me some vibes. so long as i don't have sympathy contractions, we'll be ok. but if i wake up with pain and they call to say she's in labor..i'm cutting the ties.

anyway, back to the point of me rambling off like that. yesterday i recruited the kids to help clean out the big chest freezer in the garage. and after the required number of oh my god that is HOW old, and eewww thats what ice cream can look like, i reached the bottom. and lo and behold, i hit the mother load. i thought i was completely out and found a whole 5 pound bag of Kona coffee. mmmmmmmmmmmm. it is truly like my heroin. now i know i could buy the stuff, but i only love my friends coffee, and he doesn't sell retail. and really, when i try another farm's coffee, it just doesn't hit the spot, and is not worth the 25 bucks a pound they charge for it. so i am singing the sweet sweet song of a satisfied coffee drinker today. can you hear it?

i think my horoscope is lying to me, every day it says the same damn thing...your emotions will be high today, keep them in check for when the time is better. but the time is never better. EVER. shouldn't it at some point say :
today is the day to let that bastard have it. tell everyone how you feel, and bring illustrations. then go shopping and buy every cute bag and pair of shoes you can find...spending should be reckless today.

good thing i found that coffee.

and finally i think i am quitting my email...what mailing list is out there that links me to wanting to meet "big women of color" or "hot latinos in my area'? and then there are my favorites the ones that torment me by teasing "HAWAII = Paradise"....or "Hawaii beckons". ok duh i am aware of what hawaii does to me, and am disgusted enough that i am sitting in hickville, PA. where there is NO crystal blue green water to look at around every corner, or incredible mountains to watch the sun come up behind. i do not need reminders 15 times a DAY from you Mr Email. (i assume it's a man, beause it annoys me so much).

good thing i have this

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

just a random mommy thing

of course as i sit here jotting this down my happiness fades listening to the older 2 fighting over something that in all honesty, i could give a hoot anymore.

anyway just a bit ago i was heading out of wal mart (i know you are all jealoussss) and because we actually only had 2 meals today, youngest says he is hungry. so i pull into BK to get him some chicken and fries. he is a little too big for kids meals and he didn't need soda at 9 pm, so i ordered him chicken tenders and a large fry. when i get the bag he says, "can i have one fry?", so i said here take the whole thing. he looks at it and says "you got me a large fry?" yes i answered...."Yes!!!! Now I'm a man!!!" he exclaims.

he is the only one i honestly do not want to get so much as one day older.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i weighed myself this morning...

so if you were smart you would right now head for the hills, run..don't walk to a light hearted-upbeat-chock full of useful information blog. cause today this aint it.

what the HELL? i mean cmon. i know i was on vacation, but i walked EVERY stinkin day. we were on the 12th floor...i took the stairs at least once a day. i ate fresh sea food and salads (ok and some pizza and fried dough), i expected i would have gained maybe a pound or 2, i am not in complete denial..but FIVE???!!! who do i need to sacrifice in order to shed some weight? (crossing fingers it's the oldest)

i am into this go to the gym routine for 5 weeks now, i am sloshing around like a fish tank from all the water i drink. and now i am 3 pounds over my start weight. i am bitter. the desire to just stop injesting food is sooo great right now, i can feel it calling. but i promised myself i would not do that again. doing that is what made me the heffer i am today. but at some point my metabolism has got to become an active member of society again...right? hmmph

and if that were not enough.....i get home and the younger 2 are awake. youngest was allowed to sleep on the couch last night (part of that whole dictator thing). so what does he do? he pees. of course he did, what else did i have to do today, but pull my couch apart and wash it. see this is why i am not nice to other people. i have to take my anger out on someone. because all i wanted to do was yell.."what the hell is wrong with you? WHY did you pee on the couch. you are wearing a Good nite until you are 25 and thats the end of it"

of course being completely crazy, now the image of him wearing a good nite at 25 is cracking me up. God help my children to see the wonders of outdoors today, they need to stay outta my way.

Monday, July 10, 2006

which come first....

from TMZ:

Suri Cruise's Silent Birth Leads to Quiet LifeJust where exactly is Suri Cruise? No one knows for sure, though TMZ has proof at least that someone filed a birth certificate for someone by that name. However, a cult specialist tells MSNBC's Jeanette Walls that Suri's strange absence from public view may have something to do with what Scientologists called "removing engrams" though a process called "auditing." Rick Ross of says that engrams are "negative experiences coupled with noise," and that shielding the baby from the paparazzi would reduce the onset of such engrams.Ross adds that Cruise, according to reports from his promotional tour for "Mission: Impossible III," is getting increasingly wrapped up in the Scientology dogma, and that he would have locks checked and take longer routes to places while on tour to prevent, presumably, the creation of engrams.

which makes me you have to be crazy to want to be famous...or does fame make you crazy?


has anyone ever died because they had to bring in grocery bags? and what is the record number of times a 16 yr old can sigh and say "Gawwdd, you are so gay" in one afternoon?

little ruler

i may have created a tyrant, i'm not sure, maybe just a dictator. but i've made a HUGE mistake. as punishment for the whole" leave the youngest alone in the condo" debacle that closed out vacation, i issued forth the following rule:

"because i am so sick and tired of all of you (the older 3) always complaining about and acting like -----(youngest) is such a pain, he will decide if you have been nice enough to him to be let off punishment in a week"

oops...who knew the penchant the kid would have for control? i am shocked such conniving can be had by a not yet 8 yr old.

7 to 12: get my bath ready

12 to 7: get your own bath, what you too busy

7 to 12: i am busy playing Simpsons Hit and Run, do you want me to tell mom you are not nice to me?

7 to 16: get me some cereal

16 to 7: get your own cereal

7 to 16 : mom will not like this, i don't think you are being very nice

16 to me: (look of death)

me to 16: should have just brought him to the bball court with you

16 to me: i hate this house (again with the drama)

and so the saga continues, while i am forced to wonder how far i should let this play out, i am kind of enjoying watching the 2 of them struggle. i reminded him that he should still be nice to his brothers, but he reminded me that they were not very nice to him. not surprisingly neice has been avoiding our house like we have bad hair or something. and suddenly has renewed interest in her own home like nothing i have ever seen before. i think i'll end it when he makes them curtsy before him, that would be pushing it.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


my middle guy and neice on this thing on vaca...the girlie scream, i am told was not my son. :)

get back to work

being self employed is wonderful, it allows me the opportunity to be home for my kids, and to take vacation whenever i want. ok so as long as it isn't in mar, april or may..and sometimes sept. however upon return home there is always way more work than i feel like doing.
like the mail i received

and the work that was left undone

the fax machine empty and awaiting my return to spew forth even more good news

and my dear friend the phone, i know you can't see it but that little red light is blinking fervently to notify me that my machine is full...oh happy day

and if all these good times are not enough, there is the mom side of car

chock full of sandy wet clothes and towels!!!!!

if you see my blogging this week...tell me to get back to work!

ok it wasn't sooo bad

i am prone to exaggeration at times, i admit it. so my earlier post on vacation was a little harsh. we did have a lovely time for the most part, barring a few bumps in the road. i forgot my camera and borrowed my sisters, who wisely bailed out on Monday morning, i might add. but left her cam for me to use, so i didn't take alot of pics, but i took some.
yes the youngest is driving the boat...and look at his little cute, neice said not to put her on the internet, so i left her out. of course this was the day she was pissy, so i'm sure she will be begging for them soon to add to her my space. so thats my crew, all four of my guys...i am a proud mama.

yeah i'm home!!!!!

i want to know what freakin cosmic fairy dust i was snorting when i had the brainstorm that spending a week in a condo no larger than my living room, with all 3 kids, my neice and my hub was a prime example of family bonding. not only do i want to know what it was, i want to know where i can get some more, i think i would rather like to live in the world of delusion...full time. all fairness we had a good time, but our original plan was to spend a few nights (NOT 7) at the beach with the kids..kind of for old times sake. which to alot of you seems insane to say, but in all honesty, this may be one of the last summers our oldest will be around and willing to just up and leave for a week. sooo we figured we would go do something close that we had done alot when he was younger. in looking for hotels i (in my infinite wisdom) decided a condo would be cheaper and easier. and it was. but you have to book them for a week. thats where they get ya.

you know how usually when the last day of vacation rolls around you feel like you just got there, and don't want to go? that so did not happen. it felt like we had been there an eternity. i was ready to leave on weds, i really was. these people are going to drive me insane. the oldest and hub have such a similar personality it's freaky. and the traits that hub complains about in the kids (ie: no attention span at all) they get from him. so oldest and hub had a clash, hub and i had an argument, kids (except the youngest) whined every 45 seconds they were bored. neice asked incessantly "when are we gonna go shopping?" the one day all the boys were happy, neice had bitch mode on and was instantly too good for everything.

and the piece de resistance...last night we are getting ready to leave. and hub and i wanted to go out for a dinner alone, so we got everything packed, went to the beach one last time, got everyone ready to go and told the kids to be ready to go when we got back, gave them $$$ for some dinner and left. ok they are 16, 1 month from 16, 12 and 8. there are numerous places for them to walk to w/in 4 blocks to eat. should not have been a problem right? you would think.

we tried a couple places and of course, on a Fri the waits were insane, so we decided to just go back and head home. we get to the condo and there sits the 8 year old in the living room watching tv. NO ONE ELSE IS THERE!!!!!!!! they all went out together, the oldest to play bb at the condo courts, and neice and 12 yr old to walk up the road to get some food. they all got into the elevator together and left the youngest there alone....what the hell is wrong with these kids???!!!!! i was never so speechless AND mad at the same time. it was hard...i just wanted to wring their necks.

and with that we left the beach..older, wiser and ready to kill 3 of the 4 kids we took there. ok so i'm whining..big deal, you try it once.... i dare you.