Friday, July 14, 2006

email, horoscopes and a pot of gold

what a busy lil chicky i have been the last couple of days. i am beginning to wonder if you can have sympathy nesting urges. as my SIL to be is growing nearer to her due date, my desire to clean every freakin square inch of my house is astounding. she said she has been cleaning alot herself, so i think she's sending me some vibes. so long as i don't have sympathy contractions, we'll be ok. but if i wake up with pain and they call to say she's in labor..i'm cutting the ties.

anyway, back to the point of me rambling off like that. yesterday i recruited the kids to help clean out the big chest freezer in the garage. and after the required number of oh my god that is HOW old, and eewww thats what ice cream can look like, i reached the bottom. and lo and behold, i hit the mother load. i thought i was completely out and found a whole 5 pound bag of Kona coffee. mmmmmmmmmmmm. it is truly like my heroin. now i know i could buy the stuff, but i only love my friends coffee, and he doesn't sell retail. and really, when i try another farm's coffee, it just doesn't hit the spot, and is not worth the 25 bucks a pound they charge for it. so i am singing the sweet sweet song of a satisfied coffee drinker today. can you hear it?

i think my horoscope is lying to me, every day it says the same damn thing...your emotions will be high today, keep them in check for when the time is better. but the time is never better. EVER. shouldn't it at some point say :
today is the day to let that bastard have it. tell everyone how you feel, and bring illustrations. then go shopping and buy every cute bag and pair of shoes you can find...spending should be reckless today.

good thing i found that coffee.

and finally i think i am quitting my email...what mailing list is out there that links me to wanting to meet "big women of color" or "hot latinos in my area'? and then there are my favorites the ones that torment me by teasing "HAWAII = Paradise"....or "Hawaii beckons". ok duh i am aware of what hawaii does to me, and am disgusted enough that i am sitting in hickville, PA. where there is NO crystal blue green water to look at around every corner, or incredible mountains to watch the sun come up behind. i do not need reminders 15 times a DAY from you Mr Email. (i assume it's a man, beause it annoys me so much).

good thing i have this


Brewster said...

LOL Well, I am glad you found your coffee. I am a big Earl Grey fan, so I got some loss tea up while on vacation. I look forward to my first cup. As for the email, trust me, I keep getting the cruise emails and the same ones as you. LOL Oh, well, hang in there.

Onetallmomma said...

That's like finding a $20 in an old pair of jeans...only better.

Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope my long breastfeeding ramble helps your SIL. I am a LLL Leader. My email address is if she has any questions after her baby is born.