Friday, July 28, 2006

can you feel it?

there is a buzz in the air. a spring in my step. a song in my heart:

Hail to the Rdeskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the warpath
Fight for ol DC

wooweeee football season is getting so close. i can feel my blood pumping and my heart racing. i can already feel my foot heavy on the accelerator, as i race home from one of the boys very poorly timed Sunday games to catch the 'Skins. actually to catch any good game (ie: Giants lose). last night NFL network had reviews of all the teams last season, and i "just happened" to catch em. i cannot wait. i am so stoked for it to begin again hurts.

besides with a good chunk of the bloggers i read at BlogHer...i got nothing else to think about.


Brewster said...

How 'bout them Cowboys!!!!!! Vegas has them 4 to 1 as being Super Bowl Champs this year!!!!

me said...

yeah just like last year...SWEEEEP

Brewster said...