Wednesday, July 12, 2006

just a random mommy thing

of course as i sit here jotting this down my happiness fades listening to the older 2 fighting over something that in all honesty, i could give a hoot anymore.

anyway just a bit ago i was heading out of wal mart (i know you are all jealoussss) and because we actually only had 2 meals today, youngest says he is hungry. so i pull into BK to get him some chicken and fries. he is a little too big for kids meals and he didn't need soda at 9 pm, so i ordered him chicken tenders and a large fry. when i get the bag he says, "can i have one fry?", so i said here take the whole thing. he looks at it and says "you got me a large fry?" yes i answered...."Yes!!!! Now I'm a man!!!" he exclaims.

he is the only one i honestly do not want to get so much as one day older.

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Brewster said...

Enjoy it while you can. Kenz still wants to sit on my lap!! So, having a kid still want to be a kid, it is awesome.