Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i weighed myself this morning...

so if you were smart you would right now head for the hills, run..don't walk to a light hearted-upbeat-chock full of useful information blog. cause today this aint it.

what the HELL? i mean cmon. i know i was on vacation, but i walked EVERY stinkin day. we were on the 12th floor...i took the stairs at least once a day. i ate fresh sea food and salads (ok and some pizza and fried dough), i expected i would have gained maybe a pound or 2, i am not in complete denial..but FIVE???!!! who do i need to sacrifice in order to shed some weight? (crossing fingers it's the oldest)

i am into this go to the gym routine for 5 weeks now, i am sloshing around like a fish tank from all the water i drink. and now i am 3 pounds over my start weight. i am bitter. the desire to just stop injesting food is sooo great right now, i can feel it calling. but i promised myself i would not do that again. doing that is what made me the heffer i am today. but at some point my metabolism has got to become an active member of society again...right? hmmph

and if that were not enough.....i get home and the younger 2 are awake. youngest was allowed to sleep on the couch last night (part of that whole dictator thing). so what does he do? he pees. of course he did, what else did i have to do today, but pull my couch apart and wash it. see this is why i am not nice to other people. i have to take my anger out on someone. because all i wanted to do was yell.."what the hell is wrong with you? WHY did you pee on the couch. you are wearing a Good nite until you are 25 and thats the end of it"

of course being completely crazy, now the image of him wearing a good nite at 25 is cracking me up. God help my children to see the wonders of outdoors today, they need to stay outta my way.


Mommy off the Record said...

Hmmmm. Working out, drinking water, cutting back on fatty foods AND GAINING weight. That's not right! Maybe you were retaining water for some reason when you weighed yourself. Cuz you HAD to have lost weight after 5 weeks of working out.

P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

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