Wednesday, July 26, 2006

summer part 2

ok, now i know i just posted last week or so how nice i find summer to be. and i know in may i said i was ready for summer to begin. there are alot of things about summer and the kids being out of school i really enjoy. my sister and hub both reminded me of similar conversations i had separately with each of them back in may. something along the lines of me saying, "man i am ready for summer, i actually am looking forward to the kids being out of school". after i stated this they each said something like "uhhuh, and should i remind you of this in july when you are saying you can't wait for school to start".

there are alot of things about motherhood that we are forced to forget quickly, it is kind of like a survival mechanism. you know how babies can't remeber being born because it is so traumatic. same idea, we forget the heartburn and morning sickness. we quickly shut out the excruciating pain of labor. we recall newborn days as bliss, when in reality we were exhausted, sore and would most likely, if given the option, sell our soul to the devil for just 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. we forget these things, so that life can proceed. and then there is summer vacation.

i am beginning to feel like i live in a dorm. no matter how much time and energy i put into my house before i go to bed, by 7 am it looks like we hosted a 48 hour kegger. how can so much damage be done in the few hours between my bed time and when they finally go to sleep? the mess is beginning to overpower and i am starting to weaken. by the time the oldest starts 3 a days (YES!!!!! gone all day!) my house will look like those apartments in the student ghetto on may 15th.

this morning i woke up to a half gallon ice cream container, not quite empty, 3 spoons and 189845765234 ants on my kitchen counter, 10 coke cans empty laying scattered around the living room, empty chip and pretzel bags, and it seems someone ordered pizza. ok, i didn't know we could get pizza delivered after 11pm, i guess when your frined is driving that night you can. oh and he'll run to mc d's with you, so there was some mc d garbage scattered. also we have the 354 dvd's left out and an equal number of video games, and the x box and playstation. did you know you could hook both up and play with picture in picture? you can. and then there is the laundry, my sons will never be called modest. they will drop their pants anywhere. and socks?!!?? the oldest yells he has no socks, then i look under the amount of pleading/screaming can get them to clean up, i surrender.

then there is the thrill of constant companionship, there is someone around me every blessed second. these people are up half the night trashing my house and ready to go by 8 am. yes the same people that can't make it when school is in session on 12 hours of sleep a night, need less than 3 it seems, in the summer. there they are, can you make breakfast? yeah as soon as i scrape the pizza crust from the ceiling. i pulled the cushions from the couch this morning to fluff them a bit. big mistake, someone flipped them in the last couple of days, seems there must have been something brown spilled. and i found that pack of big league chew middle guy claimed youngest stole.

remind me of this next may...and send me a list of all summer sleep away camps...PLEASE!!!!

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Brewster said...

Ouch!!!!! Hey, we have two weeks until school starts!!!! Too bad you are still on farmers hours. Hang in there. They will be back in school before you know it. Enjoy them while you can.