Monday, July 24, 2006

another milestone

it seems my life has been coming back to the same thing over and over again lately. grocery shopping and food. i made some life altering changes last week, it was hard and it took a long time in coming, but i am quitting WalMart. No, i don't work there, i am quitting it as my main source of shopping. our time together was sweet, and i will continue to visit, but i have no idea why i was so faithful to this point.

then i read a post from Jenny at (i tried to link to the post but alas my stupidity is on high today). part of her post deals with the aggrivation of shopping with children. (but it goes way deeper and it is a great post) i read the post laughing, as usual, and then i read the comments. and some were saying how they felt bad for snapping at their kids while shopping...but you know what? shopping with your kids does suck, it really does. and i can say that freely, because i have not had to do it for like 3 years now. and i LOVE it, i love to see some woman struggling with a toddler throwing a tantrum, or a baby who is screaming because even though he ate right before they left he is hungry AGAIN. how can i be so cruel? these were the same women who looked at me like i was the worst mother in the world 10 years ago. they looked down their perfectly put together faces and tsked at my cruelty and unwashed hair. HAH! now i am the one casually strolling the aisles, showered and dressed in fresh clothes, running in for just a couple things...why? because i can.

so anyway, this is why i decided to quit walmart. when my kids were small it was really the only sensible option. the other stores around here are very small, and don't carry a huge selection but i don't need one stop everything can get done shopping anymore. i can visit several stores, should i choose. there is noone to fight with to get into a car seat, no one begging for candy at every check out, no thrashing to be released from the cart, and no one who needs to own every piece of crap they see, and will not rest until it is in the cart (provided hub stays home). i went to the smaller store and it was quiet and peaceful. ahhhh. now i see how the other half lives. and i'm crashing the party.


but Momma said...

Amen! I recently started grocery shopping somewhere besides Wally. I just can't stop myself for buying things I didn't need. And when I get to shop without my kids, I always try to smile at those women struggling with screaming toddlers. And I hope my smile says, "Hey, no biggie, we've all been there, and it'll be over soon! Have a nice day."

Brewster said...

LOL Hey, it isn't just women that struggle with their kids in Wal-mart. I am compared to a Nazi when I take the kids to the store by myself or with Nikki. They behave because they know better until we get any where near the toy isle. Ugh!!!!!!