Monday, July 10, 2006

little ruler

i may have created a tyrant, i'm not sure, maybe just a dictator. but i've made a HUGE mistake. as punishment for the whole" leave the youngest alone in the condo" debacle that closed out vacation, i issued forth the following rule:

"because i am so sick and tired of all of you (the older 3) always complaining about and acting like -----(youngest) is such a pain, he will decide if you have been nice enough to him to be let off punishment in a week"

oops...who knew the penchant the kid would have for control? i am shocked such conniving can be had by a not yet 8 yr old.

7 to 12: get my bath ready

12 to 7: get your own bath, what you too busy

7 to 12: i am busy playing Simpsons Hit and Run, do you want me to tell mom you are not nice to me?

7 to 16: get me some cereal

16 to 7: get your own cereal

7 to 16 : mom will not like this, i don't think you are being very nice

16 to me: (look of death)

me to 16: should have just brought him to the bball court with you

16 to me: i hate this house (again with the drama)

and so the saga continues, while i am forced to wonder how far i should let this play out, i am kind of enjoying watching the 2 of them struggle. i reminded him that he should still be nice to his brothers, but he reminded me that they were not very nice to him. not surprisingly neice has been avoiding our house like we have bad hair or something. and suddenly has renewed interest in her own home like nothing i have ever seen before. i think i'll end it when he makes them curtsy before him, that would be pushing it.

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