Monday, July 10, 2006

which come first....

from TMZ:

Suri Cruise's Silent Birth Leads to Quiet LifeJust where exactly is Suri Cruise? No one knows for sure, though TMZ has proof at least that someone filed a birth certificate for someone by that name. However, a cult specialist tells MSNBC's Jeanette Walls that Suri's strange absence from public view may have something to do with what Scientologists called "removing engrams" though a process called "auditing." Rick Ross of says that engrams are "negative experiences coupled with noise," and that shielding the baby from the paparazzi would reduce the onset of such engrams.Ross adds that Cruise, according to reports from his promotional tour for "Mission: Impossible III," is getting increasingly wrapped up in the Scientology dogma, and that he would have locks checked and take longer routes to places while on tour to prevent, presumably, the creation of engrams.

which makes me you have to be crazy to want to be famous...or does fame make you crazy?

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