Friday, July 21, 2006


because we had, what else, a baseball game time of 4:30 today, i decided to make dinner for lunch . that way i wouldn't feel like the kids were only eating crap all day. so i cooked a big hot lunch, fried chicken, mac and cheese and fresh green beans (yum). seems like kind of a good idea, right? not if you are one of my kids.

ok actually middle guy loved it, but it was his favorite foods. oldest couldn't possibly be expected to eat that much food in the middle of the afternoon. this from someone i watched eat 12 chili cheese dogs one day between lunch and dinner. then there was my youngest. first of all his face when i told him what we were having was just too much. i need video on that kid 24/7, his facial expressions are enough to keep us all entertained forever. you would have thought i announced we were having garbage, with a side of cat instead of the usual pb &j.

then it started...."i only like my chicken off the bone"...i know i'll cut it up for you

"ok but don't get any of that brown stuff (the skin) on it, you know i hate that"

"can i just have a pear?"

"is it the macaroni and cheese i like? you know the straight ones"

"you know i only like the straight ones"

"GREEN BEANS??!!! i hate green beans"

"what if have a pear with my chicken"

"what if the macaroni was the straight ones and green, then could you tell if i ate my green beans?"

as the meal is winding down, and of course the youngest is the only one with food on his plate...

"i need to go to the bathroom" no "but it's BAD" i am sure you can finish first

"ok but do i have to eat my green beans?" yes eat a couple

"ok but i am choosing 2 as a couple"

"can i take the bean part out and eat it?"

"ok i am just gonna eat 2 at once, cause then i'll have to taste it less"

Amen....lunch is done...protein and vitamins dished 1 kids 0. but who calls in the middle of the base ball game? mr. "i can't be expected to eat so much", "mom? can you stop and get me something to eat on the way home?"



Brewster said...

LOL Okay, I thought the girls were bad about eatting. I am glad to see that we are not the only ones in your shoes.
Never believe the boys, because teenage boys could eat everything in the cooler of any given place. Hell, boys could probably eat everything in a grocery store and still be hungry ten minutes later.
Hang in there.

but Momma said...

Oh boy!
My blood pressure goes up 20 points when my kids say "You KNOW I don't like that!" And the green beans have become a battle ground around here. It got to be the last vegetable anyone would eat and now, they're all trying to tell me they don't like THOSE anymore.