Sunday, July 16, 2006


it's HOT, and I don't need to tell anyone that, because it seems most of the country is also HOT. so where did I spend my weekend? if you guessed (1) lounging under the trees in my yard, quietly reading a book, while sipping cold beverages, or(2) relaxing by the pool while the kids played, you would be so far off it wouldn't even be funny. one word...2 syllables


uh huh. there are at least a dozen things i could think of that i would rather have done this weekend, but in all honesty, what were the chances the bowels of hell would really open up and rescue me? i wasn't getting that lucky. the poor kids, it was only like 105 on the field. good thing they are young.

but hey take a look here then imagine yourself with a frosty blender drink, lounging in and by the pool, listening to the water...mmmm paradise!!! now i just need to find a donor. anyone know a billionare with a thing for married, pudgy, middle aged women?


Brewster said...

LOL Welcome to my world. From April to November, that is the kind of weather we have here in Florida. You are welcome to come to the dance recitals and I will go to the ballgames for you. Anyway, before you know it, winter will be here again. Hang in there. I will watch out for that billionaire for you.

Mayberry said...

Oh man. I do NOT look forward to this when my kids are older! Hope you are enjoying some good A/C today.

Thanks for your reassuring comment on my recent post!

Jenny said...

Mmmmm...frosty blender drink. Is it too early for cocktails?