Wednesday, July 19, 2006

bats in the belfry

ewww there was a bat in the house last night. thank God i wasn't home when it actually entered, but i got to witness the departure. yuck, i am hardly a girly girl, i chase any number of critters out of my house each summer. it happens, i live in the country and i have cats. they love to bring still alive gifts home, and some not still alive.

but bats and snakes, uh way. when i was young i had a bat fly right into my face, then get stuck in my hair...imagine why i don't care to even see the things. apparantly my oldest and hub also have a "thing" about bats because the scene i entered upon will never be considered manly.

now noone is exactly sure how said bat entered, i would wager on it entering through the front door. based on the fact that NO ONE EVER SHUTS A DOOR around here. ever. it drives me "batty" (hehe). so i was visiting my friends new house, get into the car to go and find 7 missed calls on my cell phone.. all from oldest cell phone. i call him, whats wrong?

"there's a bat in the house"


"on the fireplace"

"did you tell your dad?"


"why not?"

"he's downstairs and i don't want to walk by the bat...can you call him?"

"OH MY GOD. walk down the stairs and get your dad. i'll be home in 15 minutes"
(of course he could have just called the house on his cell phone..but that would have made sense)

upon my return i find the oldest standing in front of the fireplace with his paintball gun, and my hub standing next to him with a big beach towel. and every door and window wide open. the original plan was to attempt to shoo it out, but from what i gathered neither of them wanted to be the shooer. when they realized the bat wasn't going to find his way back out, they decided to do something more agressive. i guess the thought was the paintball would stun the bat and the towel would cover it when it fell dazed to the ground. i guess it worked, i was hiding in my car . i heard the pintball gun shoot and yelled in the window. but alll i heard was them fighting over who was picking it up and putting it outside. first we thought it was dead, but it flew away after a few minutes. so if you see an orange know where he came from.


Brewster said...

LOL That was too funny. I have had to wrestle with a few bats in my time, but never with a paintball gun. That is a new one. We deal with more snakes and roaches down here then anything else. But it is deciding whether or not the snake is a nice one or a bad one, now that is the trick.

Heather said...

Hope it wasn't a mama bat--- if so IT WILL BE BACK - I don't even want to revisit 2 summers ago....let's just say there was much cursing chasing and a shop vac involved....