Friday, July 28, 2006

guess what?

1) it's raining, forcing myself and FOUR children to exist happily in the house and

2) i have a s**t load of work to get done, so being the procrastinator that i am, here i sit

you know i remember today how great fridays were back in the day. i have been babysitting my neighbors son this week while his normal sitter is on vaca. and even though he is a good kid, and really all i had to do was break up a couple more fights and make a little extra breakfast and lunch, it's no different for me, i am glad today is the last day. i guess i am really used to the way i do things. just the little things, like getting started a litle earlier in the morning so i could be home from the gym in time, or waiting to run a few errands until after he left. you know the ones i don't want to bring kids on? little stupid stuff, man i reallly am spoiled. but i guess i put my time in...i wonder how i ever got anything done when the kids were younger.

i have given up on my house, it's official. i quit until school. and you know what i am going to do the first day of school? sit and look at the squalor and wonder why i thought that would be a good idea. my friend was telling me she hired a cleaning lady and how much she loves it. and i realized i would be too embarassed to have someone in to clean my house. it's all about the crap. if i could just take and completely get everything done i would feel so much better. but stepping away from the computer would be the first step....

and here i sit. :)

my youngest said to me this morning..."mom?" yes i answered..."when did i start calling you mom, and stop calling you mommy?" my heart almost broke, i realized it had happened, at some point this summer he stopped demanding good night kisses and stopped calling me mommy. my baby is growing up.

ok so my plan is, today is shot...tommorrow...WORK. i have to get this stuff done, baby watch is on high these days. SIL is due on the 5th, and i will need lots of time to go visit. i really wish i lived closer. ok well i am going to break up my last fight ..send prayers and happy thoughts as we wait for baby.

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Brewster said...

Sad isn't it. My little baby is going into fourth grade. :-( Although, they still want kisses from dad, it is getting to the point that they don't need me as much anymore. :-(

Hey, before you know it, you may have grandchildren. I am not looking forward to that either, but it will happen one day.