Thursday, July 27, 2006

warm cheese

it has been a very interesting week, to say the least. over the weekend my fridge died. just the the fridge. the freezer part works fine. looking back on it i guess it had been going for a while. i kept noticing things weren't as cold as they should be, but i was thinking it was just the scorching heat. then i turned the freezer temp down a bit, thinking maybe i was asking too much for max cold from each. then on Sat i was making a wrap and the cheese was definitely NOT cold, nor was anything else. so i had the boys move everything down to the fridge we have in the garage and complained to hub.

now i am thankful that i had the fridge in the garage, don't get me wrong. but after running up and down stairs for a day, every time i needed something, was a little tiresome. 36 hours into the no fridge disaster of '06, my dear darling hub" remebers" he has a mini fridge in his car trailer. translation: he didn't want me to know he had spent even more money on this ridiculous car hobby of his so that he wouldn't have to walk his sorry butt to concession for a cold beverage, but it beats hearing me bitch about running up and down stairs all day.

in came the mini fridge. which was a blessing, big enough for drinks, and butter and fruit. then came the fridge guy, who told me for $250 he could have my fridge working like new. $250??!! two fiddy. for $350 i could go buy the same piece of crap i already own, brandy new.

so what did i decide? the only reasonable answer....i bought the one i want... the one with two top doors that open out and freezer on bottom. (posting a pic or link today is not possible i see) hopefully there will be no construction, err demolition i guess i should say, in order to fit it into my tiny fridge spot in my tiny kitchen. but if it's too big, at least it will match the tv.

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Mommy off the Record said...

I really wanted a fridge with the freezer on the bottom too, but the one we wanted was a little too expensive for us. I just love that style though!