Saturday, July 08, 2006

yeah i'm home!!!!!

i want to know what freakin cosmic fairy dust i was snorting when i had the brainstorm that spending a week in a condo no larger than my living room, with all 3 kids, my neice and my hub was a prime example of family bonding. not only do i want to know what it was, i want to know where i can get some more, i think i would rather like to live in the world of delusion...full time. all fairness we had a good time, but our original plan was to spend a few nights (NOT 7) at the beach with the kids..kind of for old times sake. which to alot of you seems insane to say, but in all honesty, this may be one of the last summers our oldest will be around and willing to just up and leave for a week. sooo we figured we would go do something close that we had done alot when he was younger. in looking for hotels i (in my infinite wisdom) decided a condo would be cheaper and easier. and it was. but you have to book them for a week. thats where they get ya.

you know how usually when the last day of vacation rolls around you feel like you just got there, and don't want to go? that so did not happen. it felt like we had been there an eternity. i was ready to leave on weds, i really was. these people are going to drive me insane. the oldest and hub have such a similar personality it's freaky. and the traits that hub complains about in the kids (ie: no attention span at all) they get from him. so oldest and hub had a clash, hub and i had an argument, kids (except the youngest) whined every 45 seconds they were bored. neice asked incessantly "when are we gonna go shopping?" the one day all the boys were happy, neice had bitch mode on and was instantly too good for everything.

and the piece de resistance...last night we are getting ready to leave. and hub and i wanted to go out for a dinner alone, so we got everything packed, went to the beach one last time, got everyone ready to go and told the kids to be ready to go when we got back, gave them $$$ for some dinner and left. ok they are 16, 1 month from 16, 12 and 8. there are numerous places for them to walk to w/in 4 blocks to eat. should not have been a problem right? you would think.

we tried a couple places and of course, on a Fri the waits were insane, so we decided to just go back and head home. we get to the condo and there sits the 8 year old in the living room watching tv. NO ONE ELSE IS THERE!!!!!!!! they all went out together, the oldest to play bb at the condo courts, and neice and 12 yr old to walk up the road to get some food. they all got into the elevator together and left the youngest there alone....what the hell is wrong with these kids???!!!!! i was never so speechless AND mad at the same time. it was hard...i just wanted to wring their necks.

and with that we left the beach..older, wiser and ready to kill 3 of the 4 kids we took there. ok so i'm whining..big deal, you try it once.... i dare you.

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