Friday, May 26, 2006


well we made it. I think in all honesty Memorial Day should be my favorite holiday (as opposed to Christmas). as much as i look forward to Spring getting here, i usually cannot wait for it to end. this year was no exception, and Memorial day brings about the end of the VERY hectic spring work season, and the end of school. for me this equals money in the bank (yeah!!!) and a much more relaxed schedule. although T ball will start next week, and baseball won't end until July, AND the oldest has to still be at school 4 days a week and Saturday's all summer for football....but you know what i mean.

here's a pic from the big nite...yeah i only have 4 more years with a child in elementary school...WOW. I remember at one point in my life thinking it would take forever. geez time goes by.

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Brewster said...

Yes, I know how you feel. I just had one get out of 5th grade and is heading for the magic world of Junior High.