Thursday, May 18, 2006


my oldest forgot his cell phone was horrific. the temptation to snoop was so great, i was releived when i was notified i would be spending all afternoon and evening driving to ohio and back. it's not that i don't trust him...i do. but he's 16 and there was a text from "my love", who BETTER be his g/f. arrgggg. but i don't want to be that mom. i respect my kid's privacy, until they prove to me i can't.

i don't mean to sound naive, he is a handful at times, and i KNOW he is no angel. but he does well in school, and works hard at sports. and the few times he has done things i wouldn't have approved of, he's told me what has gone on. it is so hard though. next year he will be a junior...i know what i was doing then and it scares the bejeezus outta me.

in sept he will be driving, and in 2 years he will be graduating from hs. i guess it's time to realize i have done the best i can and pray for it all to work out. besides if i started snooping now, he'd catch on and hide everything ...which would leave me having to clean his room to find stuff. :)


movin'mom said...

This is my life!
Our mom's survived and so will we

I thought if I typed that out loud I might believe it!

me said...

ok... if you say it out loud i will believe it too!