Tuesday, May 02, 2006

thank God I am not a man...

and i don't mean that in a new agey, "i am so happy to bear life and be the nuturer" blah blah blah stuff. (not that there is anything wrong with people who feel that way) i mean i am so glad i do not have to be that way. i would hate myself if i had to get all worked up with every little thing that didn't work the way you wanted it to. i would not like knowing people despised the fact that my mantra for life should be "hurry up and wait". I would be unbearable if i was completely lacking in patience and tolerance, and i do not honestly think i could ever tell my wife at 7:30 am that this certain thing NEEDED to be taken care of immediately and that there was no compromise allowed what so ever. then when unfortunately it wasn't going to happen exactly the way you wanted, you were entitled to throw a hissy fit, then say well you work it out and call me as soon as you know something. after all this at 10:30 am (THREE full hours later, a far cry from immediately) said wife would get nothing but the nextel chic telling me he was trying to be located.

i love my sons, and i love my husband, but i would LOVE to be surrounded by estrogen just once in a while. even if noone ever reads this i feel better already. i guess it's working.

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Brewster said...

I will trade you anytime. LOL I get tired of being surrounded by women. LOL