Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Doug Flutie

Doug Flutie announced his retirement yesterday, and it makes me happy. not because i didn't like him, just the opposite. i thought he was great. for the 2 or 3 people who will read this who are not related to me or haven't known me for 20 years...i lovelovelovelove me some football. specially the 'Skins...and i really like Doug Flutie.

in fact it's a little ironic, there was another NFL story gong around yesterday too...marcus vick (he does not deserve capitalized) will be playing for Miami next year. marcus vick is a reason why i like Doug Flutie. marcus vick has to get his older brother to call in a favor so he can even have a chance to play, because he feels "bad press" has put him in the situation he's in. ummm no..it's because you are a jerk who feels entitled to something that in all honesty he probably isn't.

Doug Flutie in 21 years of pro football, in the usfl, cfl and nfl, never once said he was entitled to anything, he knew what he was...a guy with a talent, who was lucky enough to be able to provide for his family by playing a game. there should be more athletes just like him.

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Brewster said...

I agree. There aren't too many players around that were tough and didn't feel as if they were owed. Emmitt Smith was another one. Anyway, hopefully someone else will come again.