Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i really had to struggle over whether or not to let people know i was doing this. i'm weird. it's not like i'm smoking crack or beating my kids, but anyway i let you guys know and as soon as i sent an email i started to try to figure out how to unsend it. but thats just me i guess. when i started to do this i wasn't sure where i was going with it, journal or rants, private things i didn't want anyone to know? haha i chose not to do the last, i guess it's more like a journal so what the hey...i'll let total strangers read it, but struggle to let oldest friends and my siblings know. so i guess i can be more personal from here on out. i really got to run this am, but i couldn't forget today is someone's b day . Happy B day Lis..wow you're getting old.


Brewster said...

Yes, I understand your misgivings. It is hard to put thoughts out for the world to see, criticize, comment on, etc. For what it is worth, I am glad to read them. I miss our talks, letters, and emails. For what it is worth, thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

I Like it Re! Happy birthday Lisa!!!!!
If I had a blog it would be chock full of uncomfortable silences.