Thursday, May 18, 2006

blah blah blah

not a whole lot for me to talk about today, the rain is making me very lazy. the ideas are swirling , constantly. i am sooo creative after all. haha but the rain is really dampening my spirits. just 2 weeks ago i was thinking it was just like that heckel and jeckel cartoon when i was little. you know the one "it's never gonna rain again again" . and rained. although it could be worse, i think maine is the only reason new hampshire hasn't washed off the map. we don't have anywhere near the issues they do. just makes you feel yucky.

then this morning i heard on the news they were attempting to locate jimmy hoffa's remains. a "new lead" has them looking in michigan. WHY? it's been 30 some odd years, it's very obvious he's dead. why waste federal time and money digging up yet another farm? i swear the money the government spends on nonsense sickens me...with all the problems that they could work on to actually make a difference to living people. i am not overly political, but common sense needs to rule our country again. (me for pres in 08)

hold on while i get down from my soapbox

i decided to rearrange my living room. now that i have the option. before the new tv, my options were very limited because the beast only fit on one wall. so i got everything switched and i like it. except now i seriously need to steam my carpet. i usually do it once a year, now i'm thinking that wasn't quite enough.

fianlly a great thing happened to me this morning. i was driving home after my morning rounds (school, gas, school etc..) and was miserable because it was raining. like a sunny day, "sweet home alabama" comes on...i love that song. it is the one song that no matter what i turn it up sing my lungs out, drum on the steering wheel, and dance in my seat. plus it always makes me think of my one brother...who actually air guitared to it at his wedding...while greeting guests. so i am in a better mood for now. and in a desperate ploy for interaction....what is your song that makes you feel that way? cmon you know you have one.....


Brewster said...

LOL Okay!! Roxanne!!!! But anyway, I understand your feelings. It hasn't rained here in 7 months until the other day. It was nice to see because everything here is dead and all burnt up. :-(

movin'mom said...

we had rain like crazy and this was getting to me too because our pool opens next Saturday and I want to be there with a bathing suit NOT a sweat suit!

FAV song has to be
1. Uptown's = (I know) I'm Losin' You
2. LOVE Sweet Home Alabama
3.Devil went down to Georgia
4. You spin me round
5. I Can See Clearly Now
so many more depending on the mood;)