Tuesday, May 23, 2006

one for "why didn't i think of that" file

i came across this awhile ago, and finally ordered it yesterday.you put the lotion on the foam pad and apply to "hard to reach areas"
you know, i knew the world needed one...i knew I needed one. but was i smart enough to invent foam on a stick? oh hell no. i had visions of complicated pumps, tubing, etc...all i needed was foam on a stick..you can get this at aswechange.com....and i am freaked out enough that i actually get a catalog called as we change. of course that doesn't hold a candle to the email from Kodak yesterday entirely in German . i am either leading a double life, or getting someone else's email.

1 comment:

Brewster said...

Don't feel bad. If I had the chance to invent several of the things that I have thought of, Wow!!! Anyway, I vote for the double life. LOL