Tuesday, May 02, 2006


sometimes i look at my life and feel like there is no way i can actually go through another day, then i get a reality check and realize how lucky i am. my sister and i joke sometimes that we must have been hitler and judas in previous lives. it seems unthinkable that two people who, in all honesty, are good caring, concerned people, could be dealt some of the crap we have had in our lives.

then to escape my testosterone fueled morning, i decide to go hide at my friends salon and grease up and lay in the tanning bed for a few. come out share some conversation with women, amen, and try to laugh some of the lsat couple of days off. when i walk in there is a basket of orange bands to help support a local family who has a child suffering leukemia. OK....how can i be such a selfish jerk? my kids are healthy, my husband is healthy, and just sunday night we were discussing our family vacation this year. i have money in the bank, and food on the table. i think we all forget sometimes there is always someone who would love to be in our shoes, grief, messy house and attitude throwing men included.

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