Monday, May 08, 2006


whoa what weekend? Friday turned into a marathon in my car, 2 hours to a meeting for work, an hour at the meeting, 2 hours home. just in time to meet the youngest off the bus, which was just in time for me to get to the bank. while at the bank oldest called because he needed to be picked up from track prac. dropped off the 2 of them and went to the other high school to pick up the middle guy. brought him home so he could get ready for a sleep over, drop him off at the sleepover, drive oldest to his g/f's house. head over to help make food for the concession stand for baseball games this weekend. finish up with that at 10 pm, pick up oldest at g/f's, come home. do payroll and send the figures to hubby. crawl into bed.

up at 7 to baseball field by 9, set up stand, watch a game. FREEZE it was chilly. then because i was already up and moving i decided to get everything done. all the chillins and i went to Sam's...finally gave in and purchased the x box 360, they had wanted it for Christmas but i couldn't find one. also bulked up on gatorades, cups, laundry stuff, all the stuff i run out of constantly. then still had to go regular shopping, and buy gifts for middle son's elem graduation class.

got all that done and sat down to work on a project for the graduation, we got a baby pic of each kid (50 of them), and planned to put them onto paper cut out graduation caps. so i was printing the pics, but my printer wasn't cooperating. so i went back to wal mart to try to use the machine. except the machine was out of order. i spent an hour trying to fix the printer (which i did!!!!!) and then began to print up the 50 pics and glue them onto the caps. crawled into bed at like midnight.

up at 7, dropped off oldest at track, and spent the rest of the day doing laundry and finishing grad project. up this morning with a ton of paperwork, becuase i was doing other things all weekend, got that done. down to the elem school to decorate the bulletin board with the baby pics and that took 3 hours!!! tommorrow is the 2nd grade field trip so that will be a long day too. i remeber thinking when my kids were older i would have so much free time. hahahahahaha..that is hysterical laughter.


Brewster said...

LOL I am glad to know we aren't the only ones running ourselves into the ground. Sorry to hear things are hectic. Hang in there. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

you make me tired