Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. ours was nice, relaxing and calm. until yesterday. my middle guy had been asked to join the hs band for the Spring, so that he could march in the parade on Memorial Day. because sports and band usually collide this was the only time he would probably be able to do this so he did. he plays snare drum, and much to my surprise he is very good. way to fight genetics bud!

so he gets to school and they head over to the parade, line up etc. he makes it all the way to the end, and as they are heading into the veterans cemetary for a tribute...boom...down he goes. i, of course, am not there. i watched the beginning and had plans to meet my sister. so i was home and getting ready to head out when the phone rings. let me just say it does not matter why they tell you one of your kids is in an ambulance headed to the hospital.....you freak out. add that to the fact that the whole way down my cell phone is ringing incessantly, people were franticlly trying to reach me, not knowing i was already on my way. i still can't believe i made it in one piece.

have no fear, he is fine. just a little dehydration, a little too hot in the uniform, and no breakfast added up to him passing out. he is a little bruised from landing on his drum, but thats all. let me say that he is now the first person to make band a contact sport, and he is the hero, because after he passed out, the one director let them march in their street clothes. (they were marching sans parade to the VFW to play and have a picnic)

and i received a wonderful gift. i had really been feeling blue about living here lately. i miss my sibs and i have been very down on this whole area in general. yesterday i realized how special it is to be part of a small town community. everyone was concerned, when i called the one mom back after we got the "all clear", i heard her relay the message to everyone and they cheered. then i find out at least 6 different people were willing to give up their afternoon to ride down with my son so he wouldn't be alone until i got there, and this morning another mom stopped to let me know she had grabbed his uniform and washed it, brought back his sneakers and took his band shoes from me to hand them in. this place may be lacking a Panera, but it's got alot of heart.

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