Thursday, May 04, 2006

really don't like

i actually don't like the word hate, in fact i will let my kids say any variety of words that are somewhat foul, but hate is a word i do not allow. i really feel like hate is just so strong a word. which brings me to a list of people i really dislike, and the fact that someone was just a few short minutes ago, added to that list.

umm ok..the AP woman who is in charge of my account at the one nursery i deal with is a real pain. in an ideal world the site sends a po to me, my hubby goes to work, fills po and ships to the site. i send paperwork with the proper po# plastered all over it and get paid in 15 days. anyone who has ever dealt with nursery people in the northeast, in the spring, are right now hysterical with laughter. everyone needed everything yesterday, niceities like po's fall to the wayside..just get it to them asap. the rest will fall into place.

the woman who handled my account for the last 5 years left the company this past Jan, leaving me with the charmer i have now. the previous lady would match my invoices to the ones the site sent her and help put the pieces together. it sounds like alot, but it really isn't that bad. as soon as the site receives my invoice to their "system" (i despise that word) it immediately gets a po# whether it had one before or not. I was informed today (for the 4th time, she added), that she can not even receive my invoice without a po# on them. and that i am bascilly wasting her time by even faxing them sans said po, because they are meaningless to her. and there is no way such a huge corporation could cut corners just because i couldn't be bothered to go through the proper channels before shipping "product" (they are trees lady..puhlease).

she is lucky she is in charge of my money.


Anonymous said...

haha.All that garbage probably got taken to the closets on mereline.

Anonymous said...

There is probably still space at the back of those closets for more garbage.......... M