Monday, May 22, 2006

(brief) foray into pop culture

madonna crucifies herself and tommy hilfiger and axl rose duke it out? WTF? did i wake up in the twilight zone or what? you see...this i why i don't watch alot of tv. things like that, more like when things like that are considered "news" it angers me. i am not sure what madonna is trying to say by crucifying herself, but i think she may have lost me. i just read the review for her new tour and i have to say.."get over yourself". go on stage, dance and sing your songs and then go away. and ticket prices are...$380.00. ummm Metallica could reincarnate cliff burton and i wouldn't pay 380 bucks.

and the whole axl rose/tommy hilfiger...i cannot even imagine that one. it seems as though it was a slap fight. the image is just too much...i cannot comment any longer. my coffee is about to do the out the nose thing.

hey i'm no snob. i subscribe to People, and i look forward to it arriving. but if i click on the "news" link i expect to see something a little more substantial that that.

reality tv is another thing, i really don't like it. i like 2 reality shows. Little People, Big World, and Tuckerville. Little People is very real, in fact so real sometimes i wonder if they have secretly been watching my own family. watching that show is like reading someone's blog. it all goes in. i love it. and Tuckerville, well it isn't anything like my own family, obviously, as i have yet to make millions in country music. but it is outrageous, and for tanya tucker...that is very real. if you're gonna call it reality tv....make it real. it is not real to be unemployed and living in a home most people could never afford, nor is it real to be stranded on an island with nothing but your wits (and about 30 production people around) to survive.

i think this all goes back to me getting old....i'll be calling 20 somethings young people next.

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Brewster said...

Don't say that!!! I still consider myself to be young at heart if nothing else.