Tuesday, May 16, 2006


the school year is coming to a close, and i'm ready. of course i will swear i didn't say this in aug, when i am counting the hours until school starts again. the way our schools are set up the kids go to elem until 6th grade, then to the high school for jr/sr high. after 8th grade my kids go to a private school, that usually only 1 or 2 of their classmates will also attend.

yesterday was the field trip for my middle sons 6th grade class, and on the bus ride home i got a little sad. i really like the moms in this group. we are all close in age, have a similar sense of humor, and just get along well. i am going to miss them. some of them i'll continue to see at other functions, but alot of them will become the people i see in wal mart in 5 years and we barely have anything to say to each other.

my 2 closest friends here, are in this group. the 3 of us get along so well, because we are all busy. we know if one didn't call for a month it wasn't because she was mad, it was because she was busy. so many times the only time we would see each other was at the kids events, in 2 years we won't have that bond any longer. i know it may sound silly to some people, but when you move, making good friends is hard. there are alot of acquaintances, but friends are few and far between. i hope the 3 of us don't lose each other.

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movin'mom said...

It is hard when you move, but working hard to nurture the girlfriend relationships is crucial. I have found that making traditional gatherings with my friends allows me to continue our connections. I have a great group of neighborhood friends that I see and socialize with daily. The others are a challenge to think about calling (who has time?) but birthdays or Easter or memorial day parade or labor day parade these are our annual gatherings.