Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

because i generally do not get time to do this during the weekend i want to wish all the mothers, and mothers to be a very happy mothers day. take a break and put your feet up... we deserve it.

my relationship with my own mother is a little strained and i am sure she did what she could at the time. i think it must have been hard on alot of moms when i was younger. when they were young they were taught to be a good mom and a good wife and everything would be ok. then things changed and people got divorced for any number of reasons. some of them handled it well and rose to the challenge, and some handled it like my mom. but even with all that went on when i was younger i can still be thankful. the trials my brothers and sisters and i had then, helped us all to become the people we are today, and i wouldn't want any one of us to be any different.

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