Thursday, May 11, 2006

12 steps

a funny thing happened to me yesterday, i realized i may have become my mother. and i don't mean that in the "i'm losing my mind turning into a crazy person" way. i mean i realized i am getting older. i don't know why it would come as a surprise, it's not like i have been asleep the last 10 years or anything. i guess it just kinda creeps up on you.

i realized this at the baseball game, i stood up and my darling firend very classily notified me i was advertising. to which i said huh? and she said your fly is open you jerk (least she's honest). now i could not think of any reason this would have happened but i fixed the situation and moved on. throughout the course of the game. my back was killing me so i kept standing up/ sitting down, repeat. i had to fix my dam zipper like 5 times. it occured to me this had happened a couple times before when i had these jeans on last time. i came to the conclusion the zipper is broke. i was pissed, i mean cmon..i am an adult female, how does the zipper of my jeans break? well i guess because they are 4-5 years old and i have worn them probably 1-2 times a least.

i have owned and wore a pair of jeans for almost 5 years? holy crap!!! then i started to think, i have worn the same sneakers for 2 years. my entire wardrobe is jeans and v neck t shirts, sweatshirts for winter. i can't eat anything with more taste than cardboard without suffering in some gastrointestinal way. and i don't drive anywhere hear as fast as i used to, but in my defense i do still drive fast. i own a pair of sweatpants that i bought when i was pregnant the last time. he's almost 8! getting up at 6 is no longer getting up early,it's just getting up. and i seem to stop the radio scan on what is considered a lite hits channel more and more.

i fear i am becoming stodgy, hopefully recognition is the first step to recovery.

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