Wednesday, May 24, 2006

interview in laws BEFORE you wed

ok i'm going to take a chance here and delve into untested waters. i mean what are the chances my MIL will stumble upon this ...right? I know, i know...everyone has horror stories. we almost all have them and can't get rid of them. some people even like them. some people are fortunate enough to only see them a couple times a year.

mine lives in my back yard. literally, she lives about 300 yards from my back range...i mean straight back. thankfully she no longer lives with my FIL..becuase if they both lived there i would have no choice but to leave my hub. she lives there, with her husband, and our neice who she is raising ( well letting her sleep there while i do everything else for her i should say). want more? her husband works for us, meaning she takes full advantage of the fact she is related to the boss. PLUS she followed us out here. we moved away from all of them (hint hint)...and she followed.

i know right now some of you are thinking "i wish my MIL lived close, it would be nice to have someone so close to help with the kids". WRONG....we tried that a couple times. not only do we have to pay her, but she would just leave the kids at our house, and send my neice up (she's 15) to "keep an eye on things". the only thing she's keeping an eye on up here are the throngs of 16 yr olds my son parades through here if i'm gone. leaving the MIL in charge is a little less effective than leaving the 7 yr old in charge. lesson learned.

now the reason i am soooo bitter today you ask? my MIL is 2 things ...1) a huge drama queen, and 2) a new found hypochondriac (sp?). she has also been laid off for the last month, creating a hypochondriac drama queen with way too much time on her hands. what does all this equal for me....a LOT of time at the ER in the last 4 weeks. not only that...she calls my hub , who is working 2 hours away, crying that "she doesn't know whats wrong with her", so that he will call me to come see what's the matter, and ineveitably go to ER.

please don't think me cruel, if i thought something was wrong ...i would be concerned. the dr's keep telling her it's stress/anxiety, she refuses to believe. she had some stress tests scheduled for next month, now they are doing them today. first she "knew" she was going to "take a stroke" this guy told her maybe it's an ulcer. all i know is next time i get that call....i'm checking myself in too, on a flight to Fiji.

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