Friday, May 19, 2006

can i get an abacus

the electronics in my house are getting a little big for their britches. it started with the fax machine earlier in the spring. then the phones got into it, the cable dsl (or whatever it's called) is always being snooty, and the grand finale now my computer.

i am not a techno kinda person. i have never really been one to spend hours of my free time on the computer. i didn't even know blogs existed until about 10 months ago. i honestly don't even like to talk on the phone. maybe it's because i have 3 kids, or maybe it's because i have no choice but to do these things for work. i don't know, but the thought of spending precious free time with something else beeping or yelling at me makes me cringe. give me a locked closet, a flash light and a book and i'll see you in 2 hours.

which is why when i go to buy something new i prefer to go middle of the road. i KNOW that in a year something is going to go wrong and i am not going to want to try to fix it. i'm disposable about these things ...i admit it. i will hold on to a pair of sweats for 8 years, but a computer..seee ya. now i am stuck, my fax i spent 80 bucks's history. the phones hey i got 2 or 3 years out of them i'm computer is a different story.

as i mentioned earlier my husband always wants the biggest and the best. good for him, his choice. unfortunately last winter when my old computer died he came with me to buy a new one. out i walked with $2700 worth of computer. then a year ago he bought me this great printer and it was like $600. i didn't need a new printer but hey giving electronics is his way of showing love. now here i am 18 months later with a computer i have to chant gypsy curses to, and hope the wind is blowing NE, but no more than 8 mph. and a printer that shakes my entire house when it does its thing. gee thanks hun.

i am leaving the office supplies for the tv..hah


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