Thursday, May 04, 2006

one persons trash...

as i mentioned in a previous post, spring cleanup is this week. last night was the big night and all trash was hauled up the driveway and placed along the road. because my immediate neighbors are all older, we always have a considerable amount of garbage in comparison. this is a very enticing sight to those who go out searching on the big day. therefore our little stretch of road receives quite a few visitors.

this is the list of things that i can see has been removed so far...
1)a rug that i bought at wal mart for $19 and sat under my dining room table for 1 1/2 years (keep in mind i have 3 kids),
2) a 2 drawer metal file cabinet that is probably 20 years old (i knew that would go quick),
3) a boom box that has only 1 of it's 2 speakers, and no cover over the tape door,
4) 2 cracked flower pots,
5) the pool table top to one of those 7 in 1 game tables for kids, unfortunately i guess they didn't need the air hockey top to complete their collection.
6) several rubbermaid/sterlite container tops, that the containers have been long since destroyed and
7) a compaq all in one printer/fax that was at one point in it's life rained on when the boys bathroom sink overflowed (you do NOT want the details, believe me)

i am a bit disappointed that the vaccuum is still there, that is usually a big ticket item. oh well as i write this the truck is approaching to take it all snooze you lose.

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