Monday, May 22, 2006

rules to vacation

yeah summer is almost here...i love summer. although by today's weather,it feels more like winter break is upon us. school is over on Thurs, i really enjoy the first 6 weeks or so of summer vaca. less scheduling and no more fighting over homework..a few trips...the usual

however, i must implement, and follow a system. a system that no matter what, i will keep to. promise.
  • i will not let any more than 2 meals a week come from sheetz, mcd's, bk....or the pizza place.
  • 3 meals a day will be consumed, at appointed times. this is not Denny's i do not offer breakfast all day
  • bedtime for the kids will be at least 4 hours prior to my usual wake up time...4 am is not an option this year
  • sleeping will be done in beds...or at least bedrooms.
  • NOONE will do ANYTHING if the job i asked them to do 3 days ago does not get done. even if it means i suffer too.
  • sleepovers must be pre arranged. meaning i better not wake up to more children in my house than were here when i went to sleep.
  • sleepovers will also be limited to 2 days. 48 hours and they must go, or come home, at least for the duration of a shower and a meal.
  • i swear...the first time i am startled from sleep by someone skate boarding in the garage, or using the stairs for a purpose other than they are intended, EVERYONE will suffer.
  • the living room is intended for the entire family, as is the tv.

keeping to these guidlines will hopefully keep scurvy at bay, keep me sane into week 7 of vacation, and stop my kids from groaning every time i go to open my mouth.

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Brewster said...

LOL Good Luck with that.