Wednesday, May 03, 2006

who needs spelling anyway?

i needed to take a break....aarrrggghhhhh. my youngest son, he's 7, is the apple of moms eye. was the greatest gift i ever received. he came especially for me, my gram died when he was 6 days old, and i knew thats why i had him. but the kid cannot spell. not only can he not spell, he really doesn't care one way or another on the matter. he brings home a 40% like he would say an 85%. i do not understand him. i was anal in school, i lived in fear of forgetting homework, or doing bad on a test. my older 2 boys always did well, and wanted to be prepared. NOT this guy. he simply does not give a hoot. he will never have a heart attack or stress.

i have told him no less than 15 times in the last 10 minutes to please sit down and study. now i know you're saying, "nice parenting, kids failing spelling and you are on the computer instead of working with him". you have no clue. we have been studying this weeks words since fri night. he knows the words he just will not pay attention long enough to finish the word. he wanders off in thought and starts to tell me a story, or sharpen his pencil, erase...go to the bathroom is his personal fav. he could be in there for 10-15 minutes during homework. this week is the last week of spelling for the year, i may have a party. i can feel the noose loosening already. and i am so depressed by the fact that no more spelling has become such an event in my life...

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Anonymous said...

whose neds spelin'? it sucs