Wednesday, May 24, 2006

wanted...yard boy

this is one for the "only happens in my life" file. thats a file that my sibs have created for me, ONLY because they live in the city and do not have in laws in their yard, nor do any of them have children yet ( can't wait!!!!). from that description, i'm sure you can imagine what that file contains. here's one more....

in the fall my mower, which is a big tractor ride on mower, needed to be fixed. one of the guys who worked for me took it on the truck one day and dropped it off to be fixed. then he stopped working for me. the phone # he gave to call when it was done, i have now learned, was his cell phone that we gave him while he was working. the same cell phone that sat in my office all winter collecting dust, turned off.

spring rolled around, and i had no idea where my mower was. yeah real funny. and the guy who dropped it off to be fixed is no where around. FINALLY, my FIL mentions that a shop near his farm out here (yes he 1/2 followed too, at least he doesn't live here) had called him 2 months ago about a mower, but he had no clue what they were talking about. they sold my mower 2 weeks ago for $400.00. and because my yard looks like this pic here, i now need to go shell out prob 4 times that to replace it.

on the upside, i did get to see what an image search of "jungle weeds" will produce. hahaha

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