Saturday, May 20, 2006

not the sharpest tool in the shed..

i must really be tired. i mean last year was unusally stressful, and maybe thats why i feel like i do now. i didn't actually get my winter rest. but i am REALLY tired lately. and i don't mean in the sense like if i crash for 10 hours i'll feel better. more like if i were given a week with absolutely nothing to do, i would probably spend most of it in a coma.

it is starting to show...i got this great coffee maker from my dad for Christmas and if you look you can see that the coffee gets made in the tank in the front. my only complaint about this coffee maker has always been that you need to fill that whole big thing up with water and pour it in the back to make coffee. now i know what every single one of you is thinking...just give me a minute.

my sink is very small and if there is more than a couple dishes in it, the container wouldn't fit in the sink. which meant i would have to do the dishes first. this morning ( a full 5 months later) i realized i could just fill the back up using a cup. eliminating the need to do dishes before my coffee. no words can express how dumb i feel.....happy saturday.


Brewster said...

Don't feel bad. It must be in the air. I have been exhausted since Christmas break and am just like in a daze for the past 5 months.

As for that coffee maker, we have it too, although, I don't drink coffee. Nikki likes it. But from the sounds of it, we may have a bigger sink. I am still a tea drinker, so...

Hang in there, though. I keep telling myself it is going to get better. I still looking for that day.

movin'mom said...

We have that coffee maker too, I had to go and look at it to figure out what you meant.
The funny thing here is that my husband is the one who makes the coffee every morning and he said the same thing that you must have a small sink or a lot of dishes in there :) that was a snide comment towards me because I do not like doing dishes.
However we had a faucet installed that has the spout you can pull over to the counter. Thats how we do it.


me said...

barbie's dream house has a bigger sink than is a VERY sore subject in this house!