Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the redneck in me

if i seem alittle bleary eyed and out of sorts this morning, it is for good reason. we added a new family member last night, and quite honestly it is exhausting me. we did it, i didn't think the day would ever come. we have finally went and got ourselves a brand new teee veee. and in true redneck fashion, and my husband's inability to do anything on a small scale, it is almost as big as my living room.

not that i am any stranger to large tv's, as anyone who has ever been to my home will tell you. the one being replaced is a 70" monster that actually had to be moved in using a skid loader and required removing a sliding glass door. unfortunately we now have no clue how to rid ourselves of what we affectionately call "the beast".

if you go into circuit city and walk straight back to the "we got you sucker" aisle, you'll probably see my new tv. but i love it, it's a sony hdtv deal we downgraded to 60", and it came with hometheater and i believe an hd dvd player. while i may not watch alot of tv, i do love new gadgets. this one takes the cake. i think it senses when i'm having a bad day and even tells me how pretty i am when neccesary.

funny too, my horoscope told me to just relax and take it easy today. so you know what i'm going to go do......

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