Thursday, May 11, 2006

there is no title to explain my frustration

i am posting as i sit here waiting. i really do not like to wait, i can handle sitting around doing nothing, but waiting when i know i have places to go and things to do really burns my butt. why am i waiting? you ask...humph because after getting everyone and myself out the door by 7:45, (not a feat for the faint of heart) i head out 40 minutes away to the only place this side of the moon where i can take care of apportioned registration maters. to find out ...of course...something was wrong. i needed one more piece of notarized paper before i can do what i need to. and as you all are aware, this needs to be done today.

of course last week when i went 2 hours in the absolute opposite direction of where i was today, we (hubby) weren't sure what we were doing with this truck. just get the title signed over and we'll decide later. a mere 5 days later it was urgent to take care of this immediately. i could have had this all done a week ago...but nooooo. so now today i wait for the woman who i have to see, because she forgot to notarize this paper. and they are not sure when she will be around today. if she cannot handle the apportioned matter when i am there i may just run away...the outlets are only like 15 min from there. no one would ever think to look for me there.

anyway, as i am driving home this morning so i could wait, i am behind someone in a green buick. there was a line of stuffed animals in the back window, she (i assume it was a she) was driving precisely 10 miles below the speed limit (see earlier post), and had 3 bumper stickers on the back of the car. "ask me about my grand dog"' , "i brake for garage sales", and "goin to bingo"...God help her if we are ever stuck in an elevator together.

and i thought today was gonna go smooth.........

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