Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the unvolunteers

before i start on my tirade i want to say first i had a very nice time yestereday. we went on a cruise aroud pittsburgh and to the zoo. it was lot of fun and our kids had the boat all to themselves, making it even more enjoyable. if you are ever in pittsburgh with kids, i highly reccomend the zoo, it's not too huge. you can see everything in 3 hours, but it's fun and there are alot of interactive things for the kids to do. i always find zoos a tiny bit depressing, but seeing the kids who may not ever venture far from home experience animals they only saw on tv is priceless. they surprised me too, we walked into the aquarium and there was a tank of sea dragons, i had no clue what they were. they look like sea horses only way cooler, the one little boy starts telling me all about them, he had seen them on animal planet. he was so cute telling me everything he knew.

now i know what you're thinking "pto mom bliss" ....YEAH right, on the way home our bus was in a small accident, forcing all of us onto 1 school bus, 3 to a seat for over 2 hours. which brings me to something i have been stewing over since this past weekend. unvolunteers.

i know alot of people do not have the option to drop everything for a day and go on a field trip, i was one of them for a while. however, even when i couldn't do alot, i still managed to do a little. and that is all that those of us who do alot ask for...just a little. what i really can't stand is the people who complain about how i did something or planned something or whatever...guess what folks...the position is open, come to a meeting, offer to make some phone calls, do it yourself!!! i am not getting paid, and i am doing this to help YOUR kids.

i am not heavy into everything my kids do, i don't have the time either. but i give whatever i can where i can. i am team mom for 12 yr olds baseball team. each team has 1 week they are responsible for the concession stand. i am getting people to sign up to work. it's 2 hours and you can even do it while your kid is playing if you want. so chances are you will be there anyway, the excuses i i say fine if noone works these days that are still open there won't be concession that night. i'm not going to work 4 games because i offered to handle our week.. i even have my neice and oldest each work a night. who do you think willl be the first ones bitching that they can't get thier kid a powerade? you know...

they are the same people who complained yesterday that the bus was 45 minutes late, umm becuase we wanted an accident, and the added bonus of telling your kid to sit down and stop hitting/spitting/poking/screaming/crying/ tormenting for 2 hours, on a bus with 70 tired 2nd graders for volunteering my time, paying my own way, and trying to help your child figure out the best way to spend his/her last $3 in the gift shop.

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