Wednesday, May 31, 2006

class of '06

wow, i finally got a chance to catch up on alot of the other blogs i read. it's nice to see i'm not the only one who has been slacking lately. yea class of '06!!! a very good friend of mine had her oldest graduate last night...there were so many times during his adolescence she honestly didn't think he would make it...and he has!!! i am as proud of him as i would be my own. he drives up the road after graduation last night beeping loudly, yelling out the was priceless.

things here are in all of his infinite wisdom, gave the boys a gift last week. i sent a pic to some of you. dirtbikes..yup. real live motorized dirt bikes. he just came home one day with 3 of 'em. then he bailed. hahahaha...actually he went up to NY to help his dad for a few days. but the dirtbike battle is raging, of course they are new and it is all anyone wants to do. and i am not in charge of the they have to call him and ask. grrrrrrrrr.

summer hit us like a brick wall, 9 days ago i had the heat on and now it's been 90 for the last 3 days. we went to the pool for the first time yesterday and the water was like ICE..but it was nice. and of course everyone is trying to jam an entire summer into the last 5 days. umm we have 3 looooong months..relax.

welp my neice and i are heading to the gym this morning. i am determined to get into some sort of shape...because this ovally, pear like, nothing fits anymore one is starting to bum me out. i figure even if she quits on me in a couple weeks i'll be in the habit by then. i am actually looking forward to it. i like to exercise, it's just hard to get back into it when you fall out. wish me luck.....

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