Thursday, June 01, 2006

the gods are against me

i am not sure exactly what is living in my front yard, but it must be fabulous. perhaps an ancient pygmie tribe, or some wild almost extinct creature, maybe an herb that will cure cancer. i honestly don't know, but i wish the damn thing would get in touch with National Geographic, be discovered, and get outta my yard. i really want to cut the grass.

i can think of no other reason why the fates are against me ever strolling through my front yard without fear of snakes, and severe blood loss. it is insane. i told you all the story of the missing lawn mower. so i went and got another, and actually the people who sold my old one, sold me another used one very close to my own (a little better actually) for an incredibly reasonable price. so now of course i feel REAL bad about that stink eye/evil wish i sent their way. but anyway, i got it home and it RAINED buckets for the next 48 hours, then the day it was nice, i had no time or free kids to work on it. we are up to Sat morning now, i wake up at 7, the sun is shining, i have nowhere to be...i am cuttin the grass....sike. literally 2 laps around the yard and, because the grass is so high i cannot see, i hit a rock. snaps the mower belt. spend all day saturday attempting to get a belt. it seems that while it is a nice mower, belts for it are damn near impossible to find in stock. finally i surrendered. it was Sat 5pm of Memorial day weekend. I gave up until Tuesday.

Tuesday i went to my auto parts store in town and asked him to order me one, he did, and I got it yesterday at noon. it is very difficult to put on so I had to wait for my neighbor to get home at 4 to put it on (as hub is not home). then i had to take the oldest to football and middle guy had a baseball game. the clouds come rolling in, thunder and lightning on the know the usual. but alas...the storm holds off and i am getting super excited "i am finally going to cut the grass!!!!"

i got the back grass 1/2 cut (thank you Jesus) and the spring that they had to remove to put the new belt on was not replaced properly, so all operations are halted again.

you know there are a few household chores i really enjoy. cutting the grass is one of them. maybe i'm weird or something, but it makes me feel good to look out over a freshly cut yard. i left a cell phone in the yard this morning with my atm card i am hoping the pygmies get the hint.

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