Wednesday, June 07, 2006

now i get it

i have never been one to keep a journal or diary or anything like that. but now i see why people do. i went to just curse my husband out last night and it turned into "true confessions". but in writing what i was, i was talking myself out of my mood, and it felt good. so hopefully that will be the last time i air completely filthy laundry on the internet, but we'll see.

anyway, proving once again, karma is a biotch. my darling hub is in agony today. he had to go to the oral surgeon this morning and have 5 (yes FIVE) teeth pulled. and in his drug induced fog after having said teeth removed, he was falling all over himself, telling me how much he doesn't deserve me (true), and what a great person i am (also true). but alas the dope will wear off and it'll be back to old school.

i complain ALOT about him, i know. and if we didn't have the kids i probably would have left skid marks escaping by now. but i do love him, how can i not? i look at our kids and see him in each one of them. some days it pisses me off, but others it makes me remember. and while he may irritate the hell out of me sometimes, it is usually for doing something that is just him. he is very spontaneous, and it was one of the reasons i fell for him. i just wish he would learn to read my moods a little.

well i need to clone myself, or invent time travel to make everything work this afternoon and tomorrow. then it is off to the beach, where my sister and i will consume many calories, do the silent laugh ALOT, and have a couple too many beverages...while laying on the beach. yeah!!!!!! i know i'll feel better after that.

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Brewster said...

I am glad to hear that you have figured things out. Hang in there!!! You are a great person and deserve the best.