Thursday, June 22, 2006

she's baaaaack

i have returned, and everyone survived. the shower was wonderful i do not think this baby will need anything until at least his first birthday. and i am happy to report that the little guy should arrive healthy and happy and HUGE....the dr told them it looks like he is 6 pounds already...with 6 weeks to go. mom to be will be fine, i am sure..i too suffer from huge baby syndrome having shoved out 2, 9 pounders myself. i am real glad i avoided nb sizes. my youngest was NEVER a NB size, so i was wise to this.

and my trip to AC was great. as an added bonus...THERE ARE OUTLETS now. who knew? so not only did i have the beach, and a little can add shopping too. it was a trip trifecta. i returned home on tues night to 2 dozen beautiful roses, 3 very bloated children (frozen food syndrome) and a husband who now knows what i go through in a day.

i called him on Monday to remind him of middle guys baseball game, and got the rundown, he was in wal mart (ha), his mom was giving him grief (double ha) and the oldest "forgot" to ask if his g/f could come over and now hub didn't know what to do with them (big HA)....then i talked to him about 10 pm and he was tired. mr "why can't you ever stay up with me, i don't understand why you are so tired all the time", was himself retiring at 10 pm. you couldn't wipe the smirk off my face with an sos pad.

so i didn't have the TLC while you were out crew waiting anxiously for my inspection of my new digs, which would have been sheer ecstasy. but the crew survived and most of all...they learned they really can't live without me. i knew it all along.

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Brewster said...

LOL I am glad to hear you had a great time and that the family survived. Welcome back!!