Monday, June 26, 2006


OH MY is still raining!!!!! i can think of 1 or 2 days in the past week and a half that there has been no rain. ENOUGH.

ok i got that outta my system. i know quite a few of you who i want jumpin on this 30 day diet with me. don't make me name names. do it and leave your results in comments on Mondays. cmon if i lived close we could do it live, same idea.

i am super proud of myself, i finally buckled down this weekend and got 2 big trouble spots in my house cleaned. i did my kitchen counters, and on top of my fridge. (eewwwww) then i did the cabinet with 23487650987 pieces of plastic storage containers. 20 of which had lids that actually fit. literally, there was an entire garbage bag of old pieces or lids with no bottom. then on top of the fridge, i am almost ashamed to admit, was the free cooler bag i got from my bank, when i opened my checking account.....almost 7 years ago. and some dust, and crap i threw up there when i moved because i had no where else to put it. GONE

i also cleaned my office. now i do on top of my desk and my files etc often. i have to in order to get things done. but my office is just that, it's mine. no one else uses it, no one comes into it, no one sees can imagine the state it was in. it is my catch all room. i have 3 shelving units in here, turns out..i really only need 1 1/2. this is just a sampling of what was found

700 miles of assorted wire, chargers, s cables, a/v cables, and the like

pictures that i got developed a year ago from the digital, forgot about and just recently got developed again

ALL the blue pens that i am constantly looking for. i prefer blue ink and every time i reach for one i say"where do all my blue pens go?" found em

half of Hilo Hattie...the store with aloha. i have been to Hawaii enough to not need any more crap, but i can't help it. anyone need some pineapple syrup?

7 million address sheet labels with only 3 or 4 labels actually left on the sheet

no less than 4 packs of pre school flash cards.

every container of blistex/carmex i have misplaced in the last 3 years.

receipts that needed to be filed last year...nice

bags, bags and more bags...someone stop me. i do not need another tote.

and finally, i have to wonder if those old 3.5 disks reproduce, cause there was a mountain of them that would rival mc kinley.

all included there were 3 bags of trash from the that's gross. there is still a closet in the office to take care of, the spare storage bathroom (it's a bathroom, it's a storage room). the laundry room, and my nemesis...the playroom (cue scary music). baby steps.

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Brewster said...

LOL Well, it has to feel good to have gotten it done and over with. I know I feel that way after I got several repairs done. Hang in there.