Monday, June 05, 2006

goodbye to the family(ies)

for the last 2 weeks that is all HBO has been reminding me to " say goodbye to the family for the last time this year". watch the explosive season finale before the FINAL 8 episodes. you know what... GOODBYE.

i swear, how can a show that started out so great turn into such a ho hum? i just don't get it. even this season started off awesome. Tony got shot, for those of you who don't watch. but that was it. everything else stunk up the joint. how do the writers for HBO shows even justify it? they had to come up with what, 12 stinkin shows a season, and they can't keep it interesting? i don't even think there were 12 episodes this year. blah on you Soprano's. i will watch the FINAL 8 episodes, only because i have to see how it all ends, but i will do it with a chip on my shoulder i tell ya. of course it will probably be 10 months before it's on again so i'll have all kind of time to stew over this.

on the flip side though, the finale they didn't hype, Big Love, was great. i won't say anything in case someone who watches didn't see yet, but it had me in tears. for real, and i haven't cried since Mulder left the X Files. so now here i sit wondering what the hell am i supposed to do now? i had 2 shows i watched, now i have nothing until football season (95 days i think).

it isn't like i can't fill that void with, oh maybe cleaning the boy's bathroom, or something useful. but it's nice to have something to look forward to. i liked saying "hey it's sunday, i'll actually have something to watch tonite", now i have 3 looong months with a gaping hole in the part of my brain longing for entertainment.

of course football season creates a beast the likes of which none of you have seen yet, so "get your popcorn" (loser TO)...and give me a good book to read or something.

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Brewster said...

LOL To be honest, I haven't watched it this season at all. I used to love the show, but last season was kind of a lackluster one, so I figured, who else can they knock off. Oh, well. Hang in there.