Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the grim reaper

I got up early this morning, knowing i had alot to accomplish today and tommorrow. the first of which was heading to the gym, seeing as i will be away agin fri-tues night. i did not want to let too many days go by or i fear i would fall out of it again, and the ink hasn't dried on their membership check yet. so i am feeling so smug..."look at me, i am sooo dedicated. up at 6 out to the gym, go me".

i don't know if it was my lack of caffeine yet, or an unusually busy day for the forest creatures, or just God taking me down a notch. but i hit a bunny. i feel like caca. to make matters worse a few short seconds later, still in shock over the bunny a chipmunk ran out and it too met it's maker.

cmon, how much worse can it get? in all my years of driving back ass country roads, i had only ever hit 1 critter. ONE!!! how does it happen today i do it twice? in the course of 30 seconds yet. i drive a durango and all i could picture was one of those cartoon trucks grinning maniaclly barelling through the forest with bunnies and deer and chipmunks and all the critters running for their lives.

beware forest creatures, the truck of death needs to venture out again. it is desperate for an oil change. i learned that even though your vehicle is 10,000 miles past it's reccommended oil change you can still add another 700 miles to that. i am not doing it again though. (reccommendations are for suckers anyway) and i must stock the house with food that kids and hub can handle, the oldest is staying home this weekend, and they will all be fending for themselves when i'm in AC. and i am pretty sure the pizza guy doesn't do breakfast.

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