Tuesday, June 13, 2006

alot like Mayberry

Mayberry Mom: Compare and contrast

i love that post. it is so very true, and it is a reason why i keep saying how nice it is here, even when everyone else is making fun. go on and read it and then i have a few things to add to her list, although i am no where near techno savvy enough to figure out how in the hell to do a chart but my list adds.

it seems as though her children are younger, and as they get older she will see how much more there is. i have eyes everywhere. if one of my kids picks their nose, someone sees them. you can have a parent teacher conference at the baseball field, you can comfortably leave your child somewhere and know there are 15 other mothers watching him for you. you know your dentist isn't ripping you off, because you let him cut his Christmas tree out of your yard last year.

small town living has it's drawbacks, but the advantages (in my opinion) far outweigh. last fall, my oldest son's football team won the district championship. this enabled them to play for our region in state's (believe me hs football is a religion around her, it is a big thing), the whole town was decorated with balloons and signs for a week before the game, and after they won the volunteer firemen met their bus at the edge of town and escorted them through with lights and sirens. things like that would never happen in the city, it would have been on page 4 of the sports section. i told him to remember the way that felt, because those are the things that make this place special.

actually when you think about it, a small town is nothing more than a real big neighborhood, only the way a neighborhood was when i was growing up. today i don't even see a shadow of that neighborhood when i visit. maybe that's why i like it here.

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Brewster said...

Trust me, I understand!!! It is sad the way this place has boomed. We used to have that small town feeling where everyone knew each other, but sadly, since we moved down here the population had increased so much, I feel as if I am back in New York. :-( Enjoy it while you can.